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Gridy wants to create simple and functional design solutions with personality. They combine a rational approach with aesthetics and humour, and cultivate the dialogue between craft traditions and industry. The name Gridy is a combination of their surnames – Grieg and Dybdal.


Lars Olav Dybdal
Bergen College of Art and Design / BA in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture / 2008
The Royal Danish Academy of Arts for Architecture and Design / MA in Product Design / 2011
Born 1984

Wilhelm Grieg Teisner
Bergen College of Art and Design / BA in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture / 2008
Architecture and Design College in Oslo / MA in Industrial Design / 2012
Born 1982


Fungi shelves – Fungi is a small family of shelves in turned ash, which take inspiration from mushrooms that grow horizontally from tree trunks in the forest. The shelves act as functional, decorative elements on the wall, while at the same time the focus on the object placed on them does not disappear. The shelves can be mounted as a single element alone or organized in large groups, giving great freedom in composition and use. The shelves were launched by Danish MENU in Paris and Stockholm 2014.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by MENU (DK) Photo: MENU

Gridy Me mirror -Gridy me mirror is a minimalistic mirror consisting of two parts; a base in turned ash and a mirror surface in glass. The parts create an exciting material contrast, and are easily assembled without any additional components by pushing the mirror surface into a slot in the base. You can choose between horizontal or vertical format. The mirror surface has a glossy mirror side and a copper-coloured side which can give associations to Polaroid pictures. Choose a page according to your mood. The mirror was launched by Danish MENU in 2013.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by MENU (DK) Photo: MENU

Vipp candlesticks - Vipp is a small collection of candlesticks for tealights and candles. The candlestick consists of two simple geometric shapes that together create a function. The base has a simple hinge, which provides a natural grip when moving, and which at the same time gives the candlesticks character. For the exhibition 'Value', Vipp will be available in a limited edition. All stakes are produced by local companies.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner – Photo: Julie Solberg

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Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014