Margit Seland

Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Margit Seland is based in Amsterdam, and works in the border area of ​​art - design - handicraft. Her production includes forms of use in porcelain, glass and textiles, as well as sculptural works. Seland also does design assignments for industrial production in Norway and the Netherlands. She is inspired by nature, and plays with the contrasts between glossy/matt, smooth/rough.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie / Amsterdam, NL / BA Department of Ceramics / 2000

Born 1965


Tide – Tide is a series of jugs/vases made of white and colored porcelain. The different colors are created by adding different sulphates and the coloring process gives each vase an individual touch. Seland is inspired by nature, and works with minimalist aesthetics and functionality.
SMALL SCALE – Produced by Margit Seland (NO) – Photo: Margit Seland

Tuthanka - The Tuthanka series is made in white and colored porcelain. The production method is casting and the coloring takes place by adding oxides. The series is inspired by shapes Seland has in his workshop – funnels and oil jugs, and gives clear industrial associations. The jug is cast in three parts – jug, spout and handle, which are put together after casting. The products' surfaces play on the contrasts between glossy and matt. The lids for the jugs are currently at the sketch idea/stage.

UNIKA – Produced by Margit Seland (NO) – Photo: Margit Seland

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