The history of Norway Designs

It is over 60 years since the term Norway Designs was created to promote Norwegian design and furniture in the USA. The founder was Per Tannum, a legendary figure in design and craftsmanship. The Norway Designs store at Stortingsgaten 28 in Oslo opened in 1957 and became a continuation of the exhibition in the USA, and since 1962 it has been run by his daughter, Liesel Boman and in 1996 her daughter Runa Boman took over. Since 1957, Norway Designs has been the mecca of Norwegian design and handicrafts.

Norway Designs was established in 1957 by Per Tannum and is a lifestyle store that focuses on design and craftsmanship from Norway and the Nordic countries.

Norway Designs has always been, and will continue to be, a concept that challenges the traditional notion of what a shop entails.

Our identity has deep roots in cultural development. We work to create space for Norwegian design and craftsmanship, lift objects into the light and expand the environment in which they exist.

We believe in quality and sustainable production, outstanding design and a holistic approach that takes care of small, unique quality products.