Printing services at Norway Designs

What we offer

We can help with printing invitations, place cards, menus and wedding programs for weddings. But we can also help with business cards, labels or other creative projects. We also have a creasing/folding machine that can create folding edges, as well as a large cutting machine to clean cut all printed matter to the desired format.

This is a one-off cost regardless of the number of prints. The start-up cost applies per project. Eg: If menus and place cards are desired, this cost is added to each project. Price: NOK 350
We print with digital printers from Canon. We have a common price that applies to both black and white and color prints. And no extra cost for double-sided printing either. Price: NOK 10 for A4 print and NOK 20 for A3 print.
The cost of paper depends on the quality of paper you wish to use. Choose quality in our store at Lille Grensen 7 in Oslo. If you are unable to come here, we can also recommend paper based on what you want to print.
We can help with creasing of printed matter that needs folded edges. Or for layouts that require cutting. The cost applies per project. Grooving costs NOK 200 and cutting costs NOK 200. The cost applies per project/size.
We can generally print within 2-5 days. During busy periods, a somewhat longer delivery time is calculated. Regardless, we give you an estimate of delivery time when we give you a price offer.
The maximum format we can print on is SRA3 (32x45cm). All our machine-made paper up to a thickness of 300 grams can be printed on.


Pia and Harald want an offer for 60 invitations in size 105x148mm. They want to use the paper quality Conqueror 300g in the shade Oyster. Our designer will then place 8 invitations on an A3 print. So then we need 8 prints of 8 invitations. Then we get a total of 62 invitations.

Start-up: NOK 350

Print: 8 x 20,-(8 cards per sheet): 160,-

Paper: 8 x NOK 35 (8 cards per sheet): NOK 280

Cutting: NOK 200

Total: NOK 990 (NOK 16 per card)

Proceed like this:

  1. Send us your design as a PDF file. All files should contain cut marks. Send the file unassembled, and we will assemble it and calculate how many prints you need. Once you have sent us the file, it is not possible to change anything, so check extra carefully for typographical errors and that all details are correct. The order is sent by e-mail to:
  2. Give us the number you need of each printed matter.
  3. Let us know what paper quality you want. If you are not sure, we will be happy to make suggestions based on specific wishes or what you want printed.
  4. Are there any other products you need to supplement with?
  5. Should the order be sent by post or picked up in our store? If you pick up in store, you can pay when you pick up. If we are going to send by post, we need an address, as well as a mobile number to send a VIPPS request for settlement. Shipping: NOK 89 or free shipping for orders over NOK 1,000
  6. You will shortly receive a price offer based on your wishes. If something is unclear, we may have some follow-up questions. We can also give you an estimate of delivery time.
  7. You look over the offer and approve if it looks OK. We then print it out and let you know when you can pick it up or when we send it off.


Let us help

We do.
But then we have to charge start-up costs of NOK 350 + 1 piece of print (10/20) + 1 piece of paper cost.

It depends on what you have ordered and how much it is.
Generally, we can deliver in 3-7 working days from the time your order has been approved and confirmed.
In any case, you will be notified when ordering about the delivery date.

We can be helpful with this, but costs will then accrue for this.
We provide price estimates on request.

No Unfortunately. PDF gives us your file in the best quality and gives you the very best print result.

If your printed material has a background color or an illustration that extends completely out or beyond the edges of your document, the file must be sent as offset.
Also make sure to add cutting marks so that everything is precise when we cut.

All prices are calculated based on the number of documents we can fit on an A3 or A4 print. So you send us the file unassembled and we calculate how many we can place on an A3 print.