Sverre Uhnger

Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Sverre Uhnger is based in Oslo with a main focus on furniture and product design. He is one of the founders of the Club and works actively with exhibitions, curation and consultancy. Uhnger creates tactile objects through craftsmanship and design.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design / BA in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture / 2011
Kulturringen Akershus / Svennebrev cabinetmaker / 2007

Born 1982


LUNE – Lune was launched at the Milan fair in April and is available under "Verdi" for the first time in stores. Lune represents the meeting between craftsmanship, material and modern technology. The result is a modern lamp with a tactile and welcoming expression. The lamp is handmade from Danish oak and treated with natural products. All processing, assembly and packaging takes place at Brdr. Krüger's factory in Værløse.
LARGE SCALE – Produced by Brdr. Krüger (DK) – Photo: Brdr. Kruger

HOST – Martin Hedemann and Sverre Uhnger
With inspiration from traditional cutting boards, these solid wooden dishes are adapted to today's food culture, where raw materials and the joy of cooking good food are in focus. The series consists of five versions which, with their different sizes, provide the opportunity to both process and serve food in any kitchen and dining room. For "Verdi", the barrels are produced in limited numbers by the work operation at Oslo District Prison. The oak barrels are shaped and polished by hand and treated with vaseline oil, which is particularly suitable for wooden food utensils.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Oslo District Prison (NO) – Photo: Jon Marius Nilsson

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Sep 17, 2014