Kristine Bjaadal

Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Kristine Bjaadal focuses on how, through her design of everyday objects, she can turn everyday routines into valued rituals. Her approach to design has a poetic touch, where the use of materials and design together give associations to sculpture as well as to the area of ​​use for which the objects are intended.

Oslo Academy of the Arts / MA in design / 2009
Oslo Academy of Arts / BA in furniture design and interior architecture / 2006
The Art School in Rogaland / 2003
Einar Granum Art School / 2001

Born 1980


AUGUST – August is a container in through-coloured porcelain. It can be used without a lid like a vase or with a lid like a jar. The lids, in solid ash/oak or ash/walnut, are hand-turned in Norway by Knut Andreas Lien. The molds are made by Modellstuen and the porcelain is cast and processed by the designer himself. August is only made in a limited edition, and is somewhere between design product and handicraft.

SMÅSKALA – Produced by Kristine Bjaadal with Modellstuen and Lien Tredreiing (NO) – Photo: Marcus Erikstad

HOLD – Hold is a series of different containers in colored glass. The containers have varying degrees of openness/closedness, and can be used with or without solid ash wood lids and leather details. All the elements are handmade in Norway; the glass is blown by Magnor, the lids are turned by Knut Andreas Lien, the leather details are made by Faryabi and Bjaadal themselves. Hold is currently only available in a very limited edition, and is somewhere in the middle between product and art object.
SMÅSKALA – Produced by Magnor Glassverk/Kristine Bjaadal with Lien Tredreiing and Faryabi (NO) – Photo: Kaja Bruskeland

VERDI - The blanket Verdi is, as the name suggests, made especially for the exhibition. The pattern is inspired by woolen plaid from the 50s; the decade in which Norway Designs was established. The blanket is made of 100% Norwegian wool and is produced in a limited edition by Røros Tweed.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by Røros Tweed (NO) – Process photo: Kristine Bjaadal / Photo: Ellen Johanne Jarli

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