Geir Nustad

Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Geir Nustad wants to challenge the material properties of glass. In his visual expression, he wants to create a link between craftsmanship, design and free art - and through this to highlight a deeper and stronger link between the object and the viewer. He draws much of his inspiration from nature and the society in which we live.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie / Amsterdam, NL / Glass Department / BFA 2012
Kosta Glascenter / Kosta, Sweden / Glassblower / 2009
Høgtun vgs. / Olsborg / Hard and plastic materials / 2006

Born 1984


Im-material – Im-material is a series of sculptural vases and bowls. In this series, Geir Nustad works with the contrasts between the inside and the outside, and the dark and the light. Here, the glass artist has focused on changing the visual expression of the glass material. By developing techniques that take away the glass's traditional shine and qualities, he achieves an expression that is more reminiscent of stone, ceramic or metal than traditional glass. The inner surface reveals the brilliance of the glass in clear strong colors and contrasts with the dark indeterminate outer surface of the sculptural objects. In recent years, Geir has developed unique recipes to change the surface of the glass, a change that occurs when the glass is worked with in a heated state and continues during the cooling process. These products are freehand-blown by the artist himself.

UNIKA – Produced by Geir Nustad (NO) – Photo: Geir Nustad

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Sep 17, 2014