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Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Sara Skotte works with porcelain products that are at the intersection between design and art. Her porcelain appeals to the tactile senses, they are products you want to touch and use. The products are handmade and are characterized by quality, surprising details and ease of use.

Oslo Academy of Arts / Major in ceramics / 2005
Staffordshire University, England / BA in Ceramic Design / 2003
NTNU / Intermediate course in art history / 2000
NTNU / Undergraduate course in art history / 1999

Born in 1978


Vei - a series of serving objects - Food culture, the food experience, what we serve on has become a large part of the experience we have around a meal. Food is sensory, therefore what it is served on should appeal equally to the senses. The aim of the series Vei is to design a series of serving objects that you immediately want to touch, that are inspiring and that touch. The desire is to create everyday products that give the user an enhanced positive experience. The designer is particularly concerned with how what we surround ourselves with affects us, both physically and more conceptually. This series in porcelain forms a canvas for the food, while the experience of food has influenced the design.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Sara Skotte (NO) – Photo: Sara Skotte

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