Runa Klock

Sep 17, 2014Linn Ellevseth

Runa is a very versatile designer who, in addition to products, designs both experiences and spaces, as well as participating in several interdisciplinary projects. She loves to tell stories and her playful designs are the perfect medium. Her expression nevertheless has a main emphasis on simplicity, where material and functionality play the main roles.

Oslo Academy of the Arts / MA in Design / 2009

Born 1977


Figgjo Sans – Runa Klock and Marte Frøystad
Figgjo San's three different forms intensify or change different flavors; sweet, salty and balanced. The soft and appealing expression makes these versatile products that create new and unexpected ways to serve, sense and eat food.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by Figgjo (NO) – Photo: Figgjo

Felt - Felt are versatile and practical storage boxes for life's small necessities. The products are made of felt with details in other materials, such as leather and oak, and were originally designed for the luxury hotel The Thief in Oslo.

SMALL SCALE – Produced in collaboration with LADP (SE) and The Thief (NO) Photo: Nicki Twang

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Sep 17, 2014