Thomas Jenkins

Sep 17, 2014Hans Marstein

Thomas Jenkins is a British designer based in Oslo. Thomas divides his time between his own studio and the brand agency WORK. Through his work, Thomas tries to create value by combining traditional craftsmanship with the best of today's production techniques and materials, and to create ideal and pragmatic solutions for playful and functional objects.

London South Bank University / BSc (Hons) in Engineering Product Design / 2002

Born in 1980


Otherwise Equal A set of three candlesticks in brass, stainless steel and aluminum where the density of the material is used to tie the series together. Each candlestick has the same weight and only the height changes to give a mass of 200 grams.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by Petite Friture (FR) – Photo: Petite Friture

Lens Boxes
– Series of small storage boxes and lids in stone, cork and wood plus optical glass lids. The lid's shape and size are inspired by lenses from a film projector.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by Wrong for HAY (UK) – Photo: Wrong for HAY

– A range of body care brushes in oiled birch with horsehair. The production at Iris Hantverk is staffed by only partially sighted people, quality assurance is done by touching the product in the hands of the employees, which gives an excellent surface quality.

LARGE SCALE – Produced by Iris Hantverk (SE) – Photo: Thomas Jenkins

Hollow Light – Table lamp that explores new ways of using flexible LED light sources. While most conventional lamps have their light source in the middle, Hollow Light is designed as a circle of light around the edge. This light is reflected by the hollow cone shape in the middle and creates an overall circular pattern of light on the surface below. The prototype is a wet-lacquered 3D print.

UNIKA – Produced by Thomas Jenkins (NO) – Photo: Thomas Jenkins

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