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Apr 16, 2018Julia Kahrs

This winter we visited Odd Standard's micro factory in Stavanger to pick out products for the store. Now the selection we made of Odd Standard's unique tableware is finally in place on our shelves. Odd Standard was founded and run by the duo Tonje Sandberg and Constance Gaard Kristiansen, and the company basically serves crockery for high-profile restaurants with a sense of quality and creativity. In the micro factory in Stavanger, crockery that really breaks the standard is melted and cast. The tableware floats in the borderland between art and utensils, industry and craftsmanship, and lifts the meal to a new level. Sandberg and Kristiansen worked together for several years in Figgjo and found a shared fascination for the dining experience itself and how crockery could enhance this experience.

"For us as designers, it's about creating a product that complements and is complemented by what is to be served. We often say that the product is not fully designed until there is food in it." (Sandberg)

They experienced that the process from idea to finished product was often long, and heard of restaurants that had to wait up to a year to be delivered plates that were produced by ceramists. With a desire to explore the various possibilities offered by different materials and techniques, they started Odd Standard in 2014. They work with a wide range of materials such as ceramics, glass, wood, stone and paper, and have even made a plate out of tulle, originally created for a dinner with D2 magazine, which is currently being tested by a chef in Washington. Odd Standard experiments a lot and takes care of most of what they make, by, among other things, selling leftovers and prototypes that might otherwise have been thrown away.

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