Apr 09, 2018Julia Kahrs

On 6 April, a new Norwegian design brand was launched under the name Objekt. Object consists of the trio Nicolai Gulliksen, Kjetil Gudem and Preben Mehren, and is located in an old industrial warehouse at Bryn in Oslo. They want their products to inspire everyday use. Under the motto "Everyday objects for everyday use", they specialize in making honest and functional products of good quality for the home and workplace. The last addition in this category is the recently relaunched Grorudstolen.


This winter we visited their studio to get a sneak peek of the ever-growing collection of objects to be launched in the future. There we were welcomed by two clearly excited and proud partners, Gulliksen and Mehren, who together with third party Gudem are behind the relaunch of Grorudstolen.

The Grorud chair, also called model 58, was designed by Hans Brattrud and first launched at the exhibition Ønskehjemmet during the "Build - rise you" days at the fortress square in Oslo in 1958. The chair was then produced by A. Grasaasen's Fabrikker in Grorud, and was known for his flattering, architectural approach. The backrest consisted of four turned wooden slats, the seat was in molded, laminated wood and could also be obtained in teak veneer or lacquered in red or blue. The chair was only sold for a few years before production ceased. Just before he died in 2017, Brattrud approved the request from Objekt to put the Grorudstolen back into production. Since there were no drawings of the chair, Objekt used two originals as a starting point instead. They made a few adjustments, including replacing the wooden slats with bolts. This contributes to a heavier and even more robust chair that can withstand wear and tear and everyday use. Object is concerned with complete and good quality of products and materials, and preferably as short as possible. The Grorud chair is today produced in Sykkylven, and the pop-studded veneer seats are made in Denmark.

Gulliksen, Mehren and Gudem have different experiences and backgrounds, and together they form a fine-tuned trio with exciting future plans. We got to see several of the objects that are being processed, and the common denominator is the trio's dedication to detail and quality which clearly shines through. There is a lot of good stuff to come, and we ourselves are proud to be able to sell several of Objekt's products in our shop, currently presented with the "As long as you like" table and the immortal Grorud chair. The chair is carved together in two different variants, has been given a lift and appears just as stylish and architectural in execution as the last, if not more so.

17-22. From April, Objekt is part of the exhibition Norwegian Presence, which will be shown during design week in Milan. Norwegian Presence sifts out the best of Norwegian designers, artisans and producers, and this year's exhibition is curated with material, process and production quality and sustainability as guidelines. Norwegian Presence explores how the Norwegian sense of community shapes our modern and creative culture of innovation, and how this drives performers and producers.

We welcome Objekt to the Norway Designs family and good luck in Milan.

Illustration: Stian Tranung

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