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May 03, 2018Julia Kahrs

Mijo Studio presents the cushion series WAVES for Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 5 IDENTITY. The cushions have been developed on the basis of a series of intuitive experiments inspired by movement, where the aim was to capture a fleeting moment. The pattern comes from hand-printed textiles printed with a technique named after the iris of the eye (Iristrykk). This technique is used to mix two or more colors together in the print frame to create a soft transition from light to dark in the pattern surface. By combining cold and clear blue tones together with yellow and gray shades, a contrasting pillow series is created where each individual pillow has its own value and identity, while at the same time they play well together and highlight each other.

The series invites a playful interaction where you can adjust the intensity of the cushions yourself. The vivid pattern and play of colors in the surface provide a dynamic counterpoint to the tight lines of the cushion shape, while at the same time reinforcing the cushion's soft character through its light and flowing expression.

About Mijo Studio

Mijo Studio is a Norwegian-Danish design duo consisting of textile designers Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert. They specialize in prints, patterns and textiles. The work is always based on analogue techniques and is characterized by curiosity and a playful approach to the creative process. Brun and Gilbert love to experiment with colors and textures, and consider textile design a broad and diverse field. In their studio, both creative solutions for experimental projects and exhibitions, and commercial collaborations in various design fields are designed .

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