Hasla + Sara Skotte

Oct 07, 2017Linn Ellevseth

This collaboration springs from a mutual fascination for each other's work: each other's tradition, design, philosophy, mindset and field of expertise. We felt we could add something to each other, and the idea for this project was born.

We have made a deep dive into each other's fields, using our respective subjects and techniques to design this jewelery series. We are inspired by mixing expressions and playing with the expectations we have about which materials are used for what, and think this collection nicely conveys the idea.

Our starting point has been to interpret contrasts. As we come from different backgrounds, it was natural to weave the contrasts into the design. We have considered a few pairs of terms, and interpreted these in the jewellery.

The desire has been to create jewelery with a sense of exclusivity by using an affordable material such as porcelain. We have interpreted the gemstone, and given it a new shape and material by recreating these in through-dyed porcelain. The colors we have chosen – green, deep burgundy and black – also play on the colors of the gemstones emerald, ruby ​​and black diamond. And that we wanted to give the series a slightly dark, baroque touch.

Sarah Scott

Trained ceramicist from Oslo Academy of Arts, with a bachelor's degree in ceramic design from England.

With a studio in the heart of Oslo, at Kirkeristen, she designs and produces her unique handmade ceramics.

She has previously, among other things, designed and produced crockery for Maaemo and designed products for Lucie Kaas. Skotte has participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad.


Hasla was started in 1982 by the married couple Grete Fossen and Ønulf Hasla. Today, Hasla is still a family business where both daughters are a large part of the business. Anne is chief designer and Gunnhild is marketing manager.

In her own workshop in Setesdal, Hasla designs timeless jewelery with a clean and Nordic design expression, often inspired by the Norwegian nature.

Young and old skilled workers work side by side in the workshop, and by using old and new techniques they give Hasla's jewelery a completely unique expression.


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