Helen Mørken and TacTix

Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Helen Mørken was born and raised in England. Her main material is porcelain. The work explores the translucence and delicacy of porcelain, which is emphasized in combination with other materials. Her production ranges from utility objects to lamps, chandeliers and more sculptural works. She produces everything at her workshop in Tønsberg.


Born 1958


TACTIX - TacTix is ​​a strategy game for two players, created by Piet Hein in the 1940s. It's easy to play, but not so easy to master!

This edition is handmade in black clay and porcelain, the board is turned and the balls are hand-rolled so that each ball is unique. The edition is limited and each game board is numbered. The game is delivered in a box with the game rules in the lid.

Produced by Helen Mørken - Photo: Helen Mørken

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