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Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Barmen & Brekke is a collaboration between Per Tore Barmen and Siri Brekke that started in 2015. They combine the materials wood and ceramics and have a common interest in craftsmanship, materials and traditional techniques.

Per Tore Barmen
Born 1972

Norwegian arts and crafts ball. Vocational certificate in woodcarving, 2004
Bergen College of Engineering, 1994

Siri Brekke
Born 1975

The Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen. Major in ceramics. 2005
Akershus University College. Design and product design 1998
The University of Telemark. Folk culture studies. 1996



EMNE - Emne is a series of containers that combine 16 different types of wood with porcelain. The wood and porcelain are turned. The types of wood that are useful are elm, ash, yew, birch, beech, oak, pine, spruce, cherry, holly, plum, linden, morel, alder, rowan and willow.

Produced by Barmen & Brekke - Photo: Barmen & Brekke

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