Marisa Molin and Fragments of a king

Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Marisa Molin is an Australian jeweler and artist. Her focus is to translate textures and fragments of what she collects from her countless trips along the coastlines where she has lived. Molin has recently moved to Norway from Tasmania where she is now working on developing her Fragments win which now includes Fragments of Hardangerfjorden.

Born 1980


FRAGMENTS OF KING AND FLINDERS - Paper Nautilus, Lace Coral & Driftwood.

I walk shorelines and edges of islands. I walk where the water meets land. I walk. In document. I walk some more and I collect fragments that have been placed there by wind or tide. I take these lost and broken fragments back into my studio and I translate them into wearable objects.

Through a form of mapping, I create a collective conversation of an island, rather than a single textural focus which has no belonging. I have continued my investigation of what can be found and interpreted as fragments along the coastlines of Tasmania, with King Island and Flinders Island being the focus of this collection. This sculptural series has developed from textures of The Paper Nautilus shell, lace coral and driftwood

Produced by Marisa Molin - Photo: Mel De Ruyter

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