Bodil Mogstad Skipnes and Tubus

Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Bodil Mogstad Skipnes mainly works with clay and porcelain clay for smaller works such as cups and bowls, and coarse stoneware clay for large, raku-fired dishes and floor urns. She has been a full-time craftswoman since 2009, after having worked part-time in various schools and with the dissemination of art in various contexts for a number of years. Member of the collective Artisans in Kongensgate. Bodil has its own ceramics workshop in Hamar.


Born 1949


TUBE - Over several years, Bodil Mogstad Skipnes has made cups and small jugs/bowls in cylindrical shape. The series has been named TUBUS (Latin word for tube, e.g. on a microscope/binoculars).

For Volume 3 with the theme of sixteen, she has produced an extension of the TUBUS series in the form of bowls and dishes. These come in 3 groups which end up in 16 different variants, with some new colors to be included along with the black and red variants which have been mainly used so far in the series. The bowl sets are, as the pictures show, stackable.

Bodil makes the glazes herself from scratch and the products are hand-turned from French porcelain clay from Limoge in her workshop in Hamar.                    

Produced by Bodil Mogstad Skipnes - Photo: Bodil Mogstad Skipnes

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