Mirjam Tho and The poetics of a place (Oslo)

Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Mirjam Tho grew up in Vestfold, and lives in Tønsberg. She has her education in textiles from the University of the Arts in Oslo (2009), and is currently a master's student at the same place (2017). Mirjam works with tapestries, and a consistent theme of her work is an exploration of how our memory works and how to take care of them before they change or disappear. Through the weaving, she makes the memories tangible, so that the story can be experienced again and again.

̧« In this project I have collected memories from streets and places in Oslo that I have passed many times over several years and these sixteen works that I will show at this exhibition are a result of my wanting to make these memories from Oslo tangible. »

The Oslo Academy of the Arts, MA, art and craft, will graduate in spring 2017

Born 1985


THE POETICS OF A PLACE ( OSLO ) - Memories are usually, always linked to a place, and the series is based on her own memory, where each work describes streets passed repeatedly over several years. The colors are based on Oslo housing estates, and each weave is given its title from the street it is inspired by. The structure of the surface, the materials used and the ways in which they bring out color are inspired by the experience and memories of these places.

Follow Mirjam through Oslo's streets where she gets her inspiration. Follow her everyday life at @mirjamtho

The film series Norway Designs NÅ was made in collaboration with Birgit Solhaug – www.birgitsolhaug.no

Visit the exhibition and pop-up shop 13-29. October. You can find it in the Oslo store.

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