Runa Klock and Mamas

Oct 03, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Runa Klock's work is often inspired by nature and characterized by a strong interest in materials and craftsmanship.

Her work is characterized by openness to collaboration with people in a number of different disciplines, and several of the projects have a strong social profile. Runa has a master's degree in design from the University of the Arts in Oslo, and is one of the designers at Prindsens Studio, right in the center of Oslo.


Master in Design, Oslo School of the Arts

Born 1977


MAMAS - Mamas is a series of wooden felts in geometric shapes. The sensors can be used individually or together and can be put together in new functional constellations. The felts are made from leftover material from Kebony that would otherwise have gone to waste, and the dimensions of this material set the framework for the design of the products. The wooden felts are offered in three different sizes and shapes and are delivered in a handmade textile bag, which can also be used for storage.

The products are produced by women with an immigrant background in Moving Mamas, a company with a focus on value creation, job training and good utilization of resources.

Produced by Moving Mamas - Photo: Bjørnar Solberg

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