Norway Designs NOW Vol.3 Sixteen

Oct 04, 2016Hans Marstein

On Thursday 13 October, volume 3 of the sales exhibition Norway Designs NÅ opens.

In this year's exhibition Vol. 3 Sixteen, we continue the small-scale category, and this time also want to highlight the qualities that a small-scale production can add to the objects. But this time starting from the number sixteen.

All products will be for sale in the pop-up shop during the exhibition period 13 - 29 October

- Small-scale production, I believe, helps to create a closer bond between product and user; the story that comes with the product makes you love it more and want to take good care of it and keep it for a long time. I believe this in turn helps to counteract a consumption culture otherwise characterized by buy-and-throw.
- Kristine Bjaadal / The club

Join the workshop of Sverre Uhnger , Mirjam Tho and Anette Krogstad and see how they create their small-scale products for this year's exhibition.

Norway Designs NÅ has been created through a close collaboration between Norway Designs, the Club and Norwegian Artisans . Norwegian Craftsmen and the Club work daily to increase awareness of Norwegian design both here at home and internationally, and without this collaboration, Norway Designs NÅ would not have seen the light of day.

This year's exhibitors:

Anette Krogstad
Ann Kristin Einarsen
Anne Pfeffer Gjengedal
Anne Line Sund
Barmen & Brekke
Bodil Mogstad Skipnes
Helen Mørken
Kristine Bjaadal
Lars Beller Fjetland
Marisa Molin
Miriam Tho
Runa Klock
Sarah Scott
Silje Nesdal
Sverre Uhnger

Circle coasters by Sverre Uhnger

Fabric by Mirjam Tho Photo: Charlotte W. Rosenhoff

Sixteen barrels by Anette Krogstad

Salad cutlery Monstera by Lars Beller Fjetland for Arven 1886

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