Sara Skotte and Pur

Sep 30, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Sara Skotte works with products that are at the intersection between design and art. Her porcelain appeals to the tactile senses, they are products you want to touch and use. The products are handmade, designed and produced by Sara Skotte at Kirkeristen in Oslo.

Born 1980


PUR is a jewelery collection that consists of four different components: the jewelery box, the ring, the earring and the pendant, three independent elements which are bound together by one – the box, for storage. Gilt silver - deep sea green - oak. The inspiration for the series is geometry and the exhibition's theme 16, which I have divided into four: Four forms, four products, four materials.

Produced by Sara Skotte - Photo: Sara Skotte


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Unknown Vendor

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Kr 100

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