Noidoi and Handlewithcare

Sep 30, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Noidoi consists of Cosmin Cioroiu and Kathrine Lønstad. They met during their studies at the Art Academy's Design School in Copenhagen. In 2013, they moved back to Norway to realize their dream of starting their own design studio and today have a studio on Kapp, Østre Toten. In January this year, they launched their first product "On The Edge" with Danish Menu

Cosmin Cioroiu
Born 1983

Kathrine Lønstad
Born 1985

The Art Academy's School of Design in Copenhagen



HANDLEWITHCARE - "Handlewithcare" is part of a series of stoneware ceramics developed and produced in Noidoi's studio at Kapp, Østre Toten. The series is called "Handlewithcare" and consists of various objects dedicated to the table. The overall visual expression is simple and everyday, where the materials and production form of the elements are given priority.

Produced by Noidoi - Photo: Tudor Cioroiu & Format

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