Anne Line Sund and The new everyday life

Sep 30, 2016Linn Ellevseth

Anne Line Sund has run her own workshop since 1986, now in Nesodden. She is an associate professor in ceramic art and works part-time at the University of the Arts in Oslo

Statens Handverk- og kunstdustrskole Oslo, department for ceramics

Born 1961


THE NEW EVERYDAY - The work is characterized by the desire for simplification in one's own process, and a fascination for the red-brown clay's rich cultural heritage. In addition to the visual aspect, the internal shape, sound and tactile aspects of the drinking utensils are also central. Hands and fingertips have particularly many and sensitive nerve sensors, and it is not until the user uses the cup that the experience can occur. Knows a strong affinity for the potter's "simple" work; such as the happiness you feel in achieving and turning the perfectly desirable curve, the satisfaction in producing just the springiness of the brushstroke that you sought, thinking about glaze chemistry, or simply the enjoyment of having completed a real piece of work; not to be forgotten are the interesting connections between them.

Produced by Anne Line Sund - Photo: Al Sund

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