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Victoria Günzler and Sara Polmar make up the design studio günzler. polmar and are two of the club's three founders. Günzler.polmar wants to create objects that people love and want to take good care of and use for a long time.

Victoria Gunzler
Born 1986

Art Academy in Oslo, MA art ceramics 2014
Oslo Academy of Arts, BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design 2011

Sara Wright Polmar

Born 1982

Oslo Academy of Arts, BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design 2011
Oslo University College, BA Art and Crafts, 2007



BRUKSTEKSTIL IV - Brukstekstil is a collaboration between günzler.polmar and the traditional Solberg Spinderi. The woven pattern is inspired by classic weaving techniques, and by Solberg's own archive of the factory's old textiles.

Based on a large patterned item by the metre, utility textiles are produced in various formats. The areas of use of the textiles are up to you to decide: carpets, towels, tablecloths, placemats, napkins. The large report gives large visual variations depending on which section you make; the largest and smallest formats belong together in color palette and visual expression, but at the same time have two unique patterns. This gives variations and many different products from a single tissue - which is beneficial in small-scale production.

Produced by Solberg Spinderi - Photo: günzler.polmar

NETWORK AND FOLDER - Fabrics and household fabrics are today Solberg Spinderi's most important products. When we visited Solberg outside Drammen, we fell in love with these traditional and beautiful textiles, especially the fabrics with two- shank binding where black warp is combined with pure colours; blue, red, yellow and green. We decided to use these fabrics in a new context, and began to design various products that could be sewn. The result is a range of accessories; one folder with zip and two shopping nets in two sizes. All are built on the same principle, inspired by folded paper. The products are handmade in a very limited edition for this exhibition.

Produced by günzler.polmar - Photo: günzler.polmar

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