Alma Sophia Grønli Geller

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Alma is a Norwegian jewelery designer and goldsmith based in London. She likes to experiment with different shapes and develop creative and sculptural jewellery.

University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, UK / First Class BA (Hons) Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewelery / 2011– 2013
Plus School, Old Town Fredrikstad / Svennebrev Goldsmith / 2008 – 2010

Born 1989


THE SQUARE COLLECTION - Alma Sophia Grønli Geller finds it fascinating to take a basic shape, such as the cube, open it, shape it and create a new expression. It is exciting and interesting with contrast, shape and negative space that emerges in the process. Among other things, she is inspired by architecture, clean lines and hidden details. It is important to Geller that her jewelery is comfortable to wear and by working with square tubes she achieves a sculptural effect while making the jewelery easy to wear. Due to the handmade process, all the jewelery is made in small editions.

Produced by Alma Sophia Grønli Geller - Photo: Laura Huhta

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Sep 16, 2015