Birthday decorations

Jan 03, 2017Linn Ellevseth

With a simple touch, you can set a personal and colorful party table for the birthday party. It doesn't take very long either. If it is for a child's birthday, it can also be nice to let the children choose the paper, colors and shapes.

Here I have used paper from Waste not paper (216 gr) in different colors and cut out crowns, Bon Bons and circles in different sizes which I have spread out over the table.

To make the big BonBon in the middle, we have a template in the paper department in Oslo that you can borrow and draw from in the store. It must be cut out and folded by hand.

You can either punch out the little BobBon in the store in Oslo or you can download and print a template here , as well as a step-by-step explanation of how to make them.

Only the imagination sets limits. Good luck!

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If you want to make the big BonBon that is in the middle of the table, we have a template that you can borrow and draw from. The BonBon must then be folded and cut by hand.

These small BonBons can be punched out on the punching machine we have in the Oslo store, or you can follow the recipe here

I have punched the circles in three different sizes with hand punches and on the punching machine in Oslo. In Oslo, you can also punch out the krone you see in the bottom picture.

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