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Celine x Lasse - Wedding Invitations

Jan 03, 2017Linn Ellevseth

Blogger and copywriter Celine Mee Storrvik is getting married and has chosen paper from us for the invitation. Here you can read why she has done it.


He proposed in the summer of 2015. Got down on one knee in a castle courtyard in Italy while our son crawled around the lawn and Billie Holiday crooned over the grounds. It was hot, and the sun was shining down on two glasses of Prosecco when I answered "yes". It didn't take us long to figure out where to invite family and friends to our wedding. The castle in Italy became a natural place for us to celebrate that it is the two of us. The two of us, plus one, against the smoke.

The planning began already that evening. At least a little bit. I thought stationary and flowers. He thought food and drink. My fiance, who happens to be the Art Director, had already started a mood board. New life was breathed into our Pinterest folder, and before we knew it minimalism won over curly Serifs, and tight lines over soft ones. We chose a simple layout for our invitation. Futura, black and white. I like it clean. He does that too.

Sending out physical invitations is something we didn't even have to discuss. Digital shipments were never an option. I like letters on paper. I have always done that. My fiancé and I said the next thing in unison. That the white paper with a small touch would dress up the invitations. I quickly found that the easiest, and cheapest, was to print and cut them at home. Lucky, I thought. Because let's be honest - organizing a wedding in Italy for 100 people is an expensive affair. I tested both 120gr and 170gr. Ran both sheets through the printer we got from dad. Both went, so we chose the thickest.

After pressing "print" more than 60 times, there was a stack of 170g paper in front of us. Then round two began. To give our stylish invitation a twist, we chose a tracing paper with our names to overlay as the front of the invitation. I hit "print" 60 more times. One sheet for each invitation. The groom had put on Crop Marks when she made the layout, so the cutting was no problem. We just had to keep our tongues in our mouths. Tracing paper was laid over embossed paper in the color "bright white", and all the invitations were personally signed by him and me with a black calligraphy marker. The envelopes were also addressed by hand before being sealed with black, matt decorative tape.

Over 60 invitations were then placed in a red post box. We didn't hit send in an email program, we sent them physically. There is something very special about white paper with black letters, just as there is something very special about saying "yes" to the man of your life in a castle courtyard in Italy. In June we will become husband and wife, hubby and wifey. And glory, which I look forward to!

- Celine

Information about paper:
Paper: Rives Design Bright White 170gr A4
Tracing paper 92 gr A4
Calligraphy marker
Black decorative tape

For place cards, program and menu we will use Rives Design Bright White in 120gr.
Were you inspired? In the paper department, we have a large selection of paper and envelopes for both large and small occasions.

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