Cards for Valentine's Day!

Feb 08, 2017Hanne Fredheim

Make a creative card for your lover on Valentine's Day! The recipe is simple, and you can adapt it to your chosen one!


- Scissors
- Pencil
- Glue
- Paper in different colours
See template for face shape and flaps HERE


Step 1: Fold an A4 sheet in half and draw the outline of the face flush with the fold. Cut out.
Step 2 – Card with heart eyes:
Cut holes for the eyes in the top layer, and make a small incision where you want the tongue to come out. Then cut a piece of paper that is slightly larger than the distance at the top of the eyes and down to the cut where the tongue comes. Make a tongue that you glue onto the piece of paper. Then put it in place on the face and sew the flap up and down so you can adapt and glue on eyes and hearts.
Step 2 – Kissing couple:
Make a cut in the fold of the paper where the lips will sit. Cut a lip that is slightly longer than the width of the face - so that it can be sewn back and forth.
Step 3: Glue the edges of the card together - with the flap inside.
Step 4: Decorate with braids and personality traits.

Write some nice words on the back of the card and give it to someone you love

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