Son Venin

Son Venïn is a Norwegian perfume brand established by Dag Solhaug Laska, Svein Haakon Lia and Kjell Reenskaug. The search for the best ingredients led the trio to France's perfume capital Grasse, where they worked with some of the world's finest and most experienced noses. The fragrance compositions are sophisticated and charismatic without unnecessary chemicals. The trio believe in good craftsmanship and a strong concept, and everything from the fragrance to the bottles reflects their Scandinavian roots. They value both the sensual experience and the visual presentation, and with a respectful and discreet approach they create experimental, intimate perfumes that are basically unisex. The perfumes are developed, bottled and packaged at Akerselva in Oslo, and directly translated Son Venïn means "it is poison".


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