Eldvarm is a Swedish brand established by Louise Varre that specializes in objects around the fireplace. Having grown up in Norway and Sweden, Varre had an early relationship with different types of hearths, and the woman's traditional role as a person in charge of the fire became a direct inspiration for the brand. Historically, it was the woman's honor and mission to keep alive and maintain the fire. People have gathered around the warmth of the fire and told each other stories since the dawn of time. In today's fast pace, the need for warmth and togetherness is greater than ever. With this as a backdrop, Varre established Eldvarm. Eldvarm's vision is to take these valuable breaks up a notch through the collection of elegantly designed fireplace accessories. The products are made from vegetable-tanned leather from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, which is located by a deep lake in the Swedish forests and is the only certified organic tannery in the world.


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