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The duo günzler.polmar has worked with furniture and product design since 2011, they are also two of the Club's three founders. Günzler.polmar wants to create good everyday objects, which can contribute to making people's everyday lives and surroundings better; both functionally and aesthetically. The goal is to create objects that you fall in love with and want to take good care of and use for a long time.


Victoria Gunzler
Oslo Academy of Arts / MA art ceramics / 2014
Oslo Academy of Arts / BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design / 2011
Born 1986

Sara Wright Polmar
Oslo Academy of Arts / BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design / 2011
The Oslo University College / BA Art and Craft Teacher / 2007
Born 1982


Marbled Cups – Marbled Cups consists of six related, yet very different cups. Günzler.polmar has experimented with creating a marbled effect in the porcelain. This process creates beautiful patterns in the surface, which make each container unique.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Victoria Günzler (NO) - Photo: günzler.polmar

Marbled Containers Marbled Containers are molded reproductions of traditional ceramic container shapes. The parting lines and irregularities from the molds are preserved, in addition to the fact that the marbling technique itself is unpredictable. This makes each object unique, with clear traces of the objects' creation.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Victoria Günzler (NO) – Photo: günzler.polmar

Candles and Showandtell no.3 The candle's base allows the candles to stand on their own, so that they can be used without a stake, on any non-flammable surface. The lights are produced in Denmark, and come in four colours: sand, mole, pink and dusty green.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Løgum Kloster Lys (DK) - Photo: günzler.polmar

The prototype Showandtell No.3 was made to be used in combination with the candles. The board is shaped in oak, with a recessed surface of Norwegian marble, Norwegian Rose, or a surface of copper.
UNIKA – Produced by Günzler.Polmar (NO)

Rest Pute - by Sara Polmar
Rest is inspired by beautiful fabrics from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrik, and is designed to be able to utilize small textile scraps. The cushions are produced in a limited edition for "Verdi"; handmade in Oslo from textiles from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrik. The combination of different structures and colors creates decorative and beautiful compositions.

SMALL SCALE – Produced by Sara Polmar (NO) – Photos: Sara Polmar

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