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Mar 04, 2017Linn Ellevseth

plus table Herman Bongard
This year we are celebrating Norway Design's 60th anniversary as a supplier of Norwegian and Nordic design. During these years, we have presented a number of important Norwegian and international designers and artisans. This spring, Norway Designs and Blomqvist Nettauksjon join forces to mark the anniversary with an exhibition and subsequent auction of a number of exciting design objects from Per Tannums PLUS.

The exhibition will be curated by Norway Designs and Blomqvist Nettauksjon in collaboration and will be held in Norway Design's premises in Stortingsgata 28 between 4 May and 1 June 2017. During the same period, it will be possible to bid on selected objects from the exhibition by entering on Blomqvist Nettauksjon's website (Lilleakerveien 14).

To get updates and reminders about the opening, you can sign up for the event on our Facebook page .

This will be a unique opportunity to acquire Norwegian handicrafts from the PLUS era!

Would you like to read more about PLUS? Mats Linder has written a bit about the story here

PLUS items

Are you sitting on PLUS items that you are considering selling during this period and that might be suitable for the exhibition?

Contact Blomqvist online auction for a non-binding assessment:

Annmarie Elila Knutsen; 24124130,
Other PLUS items:
Knut Arne Brembo: 24124181,


Glass bowls designed by Richard Duborgh

Per Tannum was of great importance to Norwegian design history and is considered a pioneer in his field. In 1957 he started the shop Norway Designs which was to convey the best of Norwegian design and the following year, the applied arts colony PLUS. This organization was supposed to promote cooperation between applied artists, craftsmen and industry.

The idea was to create prototypes for industrial production, as well as to be a creative arena for Norwegian applied arts and crafts. Separate workshops were set up for ceramics, glass, silver, basket weaving, textile printing, Bruksbo's model workshop, etc. The organisation, based in the Old Town in Fredrikstad, eventually developed more in the direction of an artists' collective and in the years leading up to its dissolution in 1978 had a number of important designers attached to it. Arne Lindaas, Hermann Bongard, Richard Duborgh, Tone Vigeland, Anna Greta Eker, Liv Hassel, Gro Bergslien and Benny Motzfeldt and others visited the applied arts colony during this period.

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