Barrel in black concrete / Jomi Evers

Sep 12, 2018Julia Kahrs

Jomi Evers presents Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 5 IDENTITY with a small series of barrels in black concrete. The barrels are based on time and reflect the tree's annual rings. In nature, there are traces of the imprint of time everywhere, but it is perhaps most clearly expressed through the years of the tree. By taking the annuals out of their context and transferring them to another material, the annuals emerge as a reference to time rather than being a growth and a material. Cast in concrete, the barrels are unique in shape and with their irregularities.

About Jomi Evers

Jomi Evers works as a designer and is based in Oslo. With a background as a cabinetmaker and product designer, Evers works both with craft projects and with design aimed at the industry. Evers works with a variety of materials and has a passion for form and production methods. His work is characterized by a tactile nature, experimentation and a playful attitude.

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