Ceramics / Anette Krogstad

Sep 12, 2018Julia Kahrs

For the exhibition Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 5 IDENTITY, Anette Krogstad has created a series of unique objects in ceramics, from small bowls to large dishes and bowls. Each individual object is unique - but put together in a composition, they all bear the stamp of the same identity. By using a smaller selection of settings and glazes, she wanted to explore how many different expressions she could create without the objects losing their cohesion.

About Anette Krogstad

Anette Krogstad works in the meeting between meals, serving and people. With a fondness for glazes and the various surfaces and expressions they create, she composes pictorial memories of nature and the changing color combinations of the seasons. Preserving craft traditions and combining them with new modern expressions is an important driving force in her work.

Anette Krogstad is educated at the Art School in Bergen (KiB), has a bachelor's degree in Product Design from Oslo College of Art and Akershus, and a master's in ceramics from the Oslo College of Art.

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