Røros Tweed + Sara Polmar

Oct 05, 2017Linn Ellevseth

Toskaft was designed based on the past-future theme, and the inspiration for the plaid was a photograph of a curtain fabric designed by Annelise Knudtzon for Røros Tweed in the 1970s. Polmar was inspired by the simple and clean expression, which has something "everyday" about it.

"My design is based on classic weaving techniques, but has been translated into a modern and simplified expression. The stitches act as building blocks, like pixels, in a graphic and tight composition. The different color variants give very different expressions in the same pattern, from neutral and discreet to more colorful and playful."

Sarah Polmar

Sara Wright Polmar is an Oslo-based product and furniture designer, with a BA in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design from the University of the Arts in Oslo. In addition to her own projects, she and Victoria Günzler make up the duo günzler.polmar. Polmar explores various materials such as textiles, wood, stone and ceramics, and often uses tradition and recognizable objects and forms as a starting point.

As one of three founders of the Club in 2012, Polmar has contributed to conveying and promoting Norwegian contemporary design in recent years. In addition to her work as a designer, she also works with the implementation of exhibitions under the auspices of the Club and Oslo Design Fair.

Røros Tweed

Røros Tweed has produced high-quality woolen products since 1940, based on a centuries-old local craft tradition. All products are from NORWEGIAN WOOL and in their entirety - from raw wool to finished goods - manufactured in Norway.

Røros Tweed has for a number of years collaborated with prominent designers from home and abroad. The company's collections are the result of the designers' creativity and Røros Tweed's uncompromising demands for quality, functionality and ease of use.


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