Anette Krogstad and Seksten fat

Sep 28, 2016Linn Ellevseth

For this year's exhibition and pop-up shop, Anette Krogstad has produced sixteen barrels. The dishes put together create a large coherent picture. But they can be bought individually, and so the customer can pick out the barrel that interests them the most.

Bergen School of Art (KiB)
Bachelor in Product Design, University of Oslo and Akershus
Master's in Fine Arts Ceramics, Oslo School of Fine Arts

Anette Krogstad is educated as a product designer and ceramicist from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts. She has a particular interest in food and the meal. This is reflected in her ceramic works in both form and function.

Born 1984

"Serving food on a plate and meeting around a table and around the meal is the theme of much of my work"


SIXTEEN PATTERNS - Anette Krogstad exhibits sixteen composed and numbered platters for Vol.3 The platters put together create one large coherent picture. They can be bought individually and the idea is that the customer can pick out the part that interests them the most.
The glazes and the composition draw associations with Scandinavian nature and weather, such as winter landscapes, sea foam and moss-covered forest floor. The dishes must be able to be mounted on the wall, but it is also desired that they be used.

Each barrel is unique and numbered.

Follow her into her workshop in Oslo where she produces all her works.

Read more about Anette on her own website and follow her everyday life at @krogstadanette .

The film series Norway Designs NÅ was made in collaboration with Birgit Solhaug -
Visit the exhibition and pop-up shop 13-29. October in Oslo.

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