Anne Udnes

Sep 17, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Anne Udnes has worked with clay for more than 30 years and runs the joint workshop EMBLA ceramics in the center of Oslo. She has been a guest at workshops and attended workshops in England, New Mexico, Greece and India to learn various craft and firing techniques.

Vocational certificate as a potter/ceramist

Born 1958


VASES AND BOWLS - Udnes' makes traditional utility items. The turntable is the most important tool in her work, where she explores organic textures and structures that renew the tight, classic vase form. Udnes presents a selection of section-turned vases and bowls in stoneware clay and porcelain. The properties of the various types of clay determine the surface texture and expression.

Produced by Anne Udnes - Photo: Anne Udnes and Niklas Hart

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