Guri Sandvik

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Guri Sandvik is a visual artist. She has worked as an art photographer since the early 90s, and as a designer for the past 5-6 years. Sandivk is associated with the d5 joint workshop in Oslo. There she makes her ceramic products such as vases and bowls.


Born 1957


VASES AND BOWS - Guri Sandvik's ceramic objects are cast in colored porcelain and earthenware/terracotta. She strives for pure geometric forms, almost industrial, but deliberately leaves vague traces of the craft in the surface. Shape, lines and materiality are in focus. Sandvik likes the contrast between the hard material, the strict shapes and the tactile unglazed surface on the outside of the objects. In his work with the bowls, hum challenges the form's balance point.

Guri Sandvik is concerned with what happens in the space between the objects. The vases and bowls have a common design language. Each object has its own value, but together they create a whole, a form of still life. They are both objects of use and sculptural forms in themselves.

Produced by Guri Sandvik - Photo: Linda Schade (Vases) and Inger Marie Grini (Bowls)

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