Kristine Five Melvær and Torbjørn Anderssen

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Melvær builds a bridge between his two professional fields, and designs lighting, tableware, furniture and graphic design in Kristine Five Melvær Design. Anderssen was one of the founders of Norway Says, and is now a partner in Anderssen & Voll. He has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Bergen.

Kristine Five Melvær
Born 1984

Master in Industrial Design from the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo, 2008
Master's in Visual Communication from Oslo Academy of Arts, 2012

Torbjørn Anderssen
Born 1976

Major in Furniture and Interior Architecture from Bergen Academy of the Arts, 2002


OUI - Oui is signed by Melvær and Anderssen in connection with their wedding. The vase opens up a personal everyday ritual for two people who are happy with each other. It is buttoned together at the top with something reminiscent of a seal. The two-part shape encourages new uses; the parties in the couple can each bring their own contribution to the vase, so that the bouquet becomes a composite expression of the two units that make up the couple. The shape of the vase is difficult to achieve and attracts the best of the glassblowers at Magnor. Each vase is stamped into shape, before the top part is cut and shaped so that each vase is unique.

Produced by Magnor Glassverk - Photo: Erik Five Gunnerud

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