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Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Sara Skotte works with porcelain products that are at the intersection between design and art. Her porcelain appeals to the tactile senses, they are products you want to touch and use. The products are handmade and are characterized by quality, surprising details
and ease of use.

Oslo Academy of Arts / Major in ceramics / 2005 Staffordshire University, England / BA in Ceramic Design / 2003
NTNU / Intermediate course in art history / 2000
NTNU / Undergraduate course in art history / 1999

Born 1980


DIALOG - The vase collection Dialog is about different material expressions in an archetypal form. The series consists of three variations on the same shape in three sizes. The designer is fascinated by how method and material shape a product; the time it takes to make the product and the conversation that occurs between form, method and material.

The vases are designed in such a way that the reproduction of the shape will be different for each chosen method and material. The smallest vase is cast. Casting gives an exact reproduction of the shape as it is drawn. The middle vase is blown glass. Mouth-blown glass cannot reproduce the tight shape as well, so this product will have a softer line. The largest vase is pressed out of plastic, slightly coarse clay and has a rougher expression. This gives each product a distinctive expression.

Produced by Sara Skotte - Photo: Sara Skotte

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Sep 16, 2015