Kristine Bjaadal

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Kristine Bjaadal focuses on how, through her design of everyday objects, she can turn everyday routines into valued rituals. Her approach to design has a poetic touch, where the use of materials and design together give associations to sculpture as well as to the area of ​​use for which the objects are intended.

MA in design, School of the Arts in Oslo.

Born 1980


EDEL is a jewelery collection based on different types of stone found in Oslo. Precious stones are read and accepted as beautiful, but what about all the other stones? Some gray stones simply deserve to be lifted off the ground. Materials: local stone, 925 silver.
Produced by Kristine Bjaadal - Photo: Jarli / Jordan

JUNI are cups and bowls cast in through-coloured porcelain. They are available in different colors and you can choose for yourself whether you want to put together a single-coloured set or mix different colours. The function controls how the parts are glazed; glaze where they come into contact with food makes cleaning easier, unglazed porcelain feels good against the hands, while glazed porcelain is better against the mouth.
Produced by Kristine Bjaadal - Photo: Jarli / Jordan


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