Maria Brinch

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Maria Brinch works with tapestries, sculpture, utility textiles, photographs and texts. The different dimensions of meaning in a bent or folded starting point, material or emotional, are a consistent starting point for all her processes.

Master in textiles, Oslo Academy of Arts
Born 1984


GYMBAG - Maria Brinch shows a new series of gym bags, conceived as usable sculptures for the body. Five works are presented as objects in space, and each gym bag takes its titles from the same text:
I will make films in strong colors, like in The Swimmer, and where all the clichés are true, like in The Dreamers.

The gym bags' textiles consist of printed photographs and pigment on wool. For her, folding a given starting point, materially or emotionally, means turning around and choosing a side. The gym bags pack something into themselves, and all this is tried to be carried close to the body, directly on the back.

Brinch sews the gym bags together with her mother, Vigdis Gullaksen. The process is time-consuming, intimate and traditional.
Produced by Maria Brinch and Vigdis Gullaksen - Photo: Maria Brinch and Vigdis Gullaksen

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