Anette Krogstad

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Anette Krogstad works with the meeting between meals, serving and people. The combination of different shapes and colors creates her expression. The craft and the ceramic material are an important driving force in her work.

Bergen School of Art (KiB)
Bachelor in Product Design, University of Oslo and Akershus
Master's in Fine Arts Ceramics, Oslo School of Fine Arts

Born 1984


INTERSTELLAR AND HATTING - Anette Krogstad presents a selection of turned ceramic serving objects. Both by combining different forms, but also several numbers of the same forms, she wants to show the possibilities of the craft technique turning.
The glazes are the result of long-term exploration, and also help to show how a form can appear differently from the surface and tactility. Knowledge of the material and the desire to preserve the craft drive her thinking and idea of ​​reaching out to both private homes and restaurants.

Produced by Anette Krogstad - Photo: Michaela Klouda

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