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Oct 30, 2015Linn Ellevseth

On Thursday 8 October at 18.30 the sales exhibition Skala opens. The exhibition is the second in a series of Norway Designs NÅ; a project we have started in collaboration with Norwegian Artisans and the Club to highlight today's designers and products. With this project, we want to direct the focus back to the dissemination of Norwegian design and contribute to increased understanding and knowledge of both Norwegian designers, production and products.

In Norway Designs NOW, vol. 1 , the focus was placed on the process behind the products and various production methods to make it easier for the public to understand the value of the objects. The exhibited products were presented in three categories; unique, small-scale and large-scale. In Norway Designs NÅ, Vol. 2, we want to go deeper into the small-scale category and have invited artisans and designers to apply for participation. We have selected 19 to participate in the exhibition.

With a focus on the small scale, the premise has been that the products/objects that are curated are produced in a small edition, preferably by the designer himself or in collaboration with a craftsman/small-scale producer. We have encouraged collaboration between designers and artisans. The products will be sold on commission at Norway Designs during the exhibition period.


Alma Geller
Annette Krogstad
Kristine Five Melvær & Torbjørn Andressen
Swear Thomas & Thomas Jenkins
Guri Sandvik

Reed Lier
Barmen and Brekke
Fimbul & Luihn
Silje Nesdal
Fuck off
The archive
Kristine Bjaadal
Ann Kristin Einarsen

Philip von Hase
Sarah Scott
Oscar Honeyman-Novotny
Maria Brinch
Anne Udnes

Silje Nesdal - Granite

Kneip - Pat. vol1

Kristine Bjaadal - June


The origin of Norway Designs was the exhibition "Norway Designs for living", which was shown for the first time in Chicago in 1951 and until 1953 in four other places in the USA. The purpose of the exhibition was to promote the export of Norwegian goods and was one of the first exhibitions to market Norwegian design products in the USA. In 1957, the store Norway Designs was established in Oslo, then with the aim of promoting Norwegian design products and handicrafts in Norway.

In 1958, the organization PLUS was started in the Old Town in Fredrikstad. PLUS was started to be a mediation center between designers and the industry, to create a meeting point where it would make it easier for both parties to get ideas off the drawing board and into production. Throughout PLUS's lifetime (1978), Norway Designs was a distributor of everything that was produced there. Much of Norwegian design history from the period 1958-1978 has its origins in PLUS.

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