This is how you make beautiful paper decorations for 17 May 🇳🇴

Apr 11, 2019Julia Kahrs

One of our most beautiful days, 17 May, is just around the corner and it will soon be time to bring out the finery. It is also a perfect opportunity to create unique paper decorations for the celebration.

Our paper department manager, Stefan Govasli, has created three nice recipes for paper decorations that are suitable for 17 May!

Make the small ones, make the big ones, use them as table decorations or hang them in the window - and get in the festive mood on our Constitution Day!

In the paper department, we have the material you need, and helpful paper enthusiasts if you get stuck!

Here you will find links to recipes for garlands , medallions and paper mills . Also check out The Gentle Journal for even more decorating possibilities with paper.

Photo: Stefan Govasli

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