How to make beautiful pompoms

Apr 01, 2019Julia Kahrs

Make beautiful pompoms for the summer's merry layers! Decorate tables, tent poles or door entrances with voluminous decorations in tissue paper.

These are simply perfect as decorations for birthday parties, weddings, baptisms and baby showers.

We have followed the recipe of the inspiring Swedish blog Design And Form , but have chosen to replace the napkins with tissue paper so that you get some size on them.

This is what you need:

  • Tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Cord


For a large pompom, you need approx. 5 tissue paper (50 x 70 cm) which you fold in half (50 x 35 cm).

Cut up the folded edge so that you have 10 layers of paper. Fold the accordion from the short side.

More sheets give more volume, while fewer sheets give an "airier" version. Test yourself with sizes and color combinations.

You can find a more detailed recipe for Pompoms on the Design And Form blog here .

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