Plant hanger: How to make ampel in macramé 🌿

Apr 05, 2019Neshat Golparvar

Make nice plant hangers - or ampels as they are actually called - for your green plants! Here you will find a simple recipe on how to make your own.

It is easy to make and very decorative. In addition, you save space on the floor or on the windowsill.

There are many variations and tying techniques you can use - only your imagination sets the limits.

Why not tie in nice shells or pearls? This recipe will get you started.

This is what you need to tie a traffic light:

  • A string you want to tie! In the paper department we have butcher's twine in different thicknesses and colours, here we have chosen the thin variant of yellow.
  • A clipboard to keep the threads in place, or a friend who can help you hold the string.
  • A pair of scissors.

Here you have the equipment you need for tying traffic lights: String, scissors and a clipboard.

STEP 1: Start by cutting 3 lengths x 2 metres, and 1 length x 3 metres.

Fold the lengths in half and attach to the clipboard as shown in the picture.

We will use the longest cord to tie the loop the potholder will hang in, so leave it on the right without folding it in half.

STEP 2: Use the longest string to make knots around the loop as shown in the pictures below. Start by passing the string under the three threads on the right side, then over the three threads on the right side and through itself.

Repeat approx. 20 times, or until you are satisfied with the size of the loop in which the pot holder should hang.

STEP 3: Attach the loop you just made to the top of the clipboard. Find the two outermost threads on each edge and tie these around the threads in the middle as the pictures show.

The right thread goes over, the left thread goes under and through the loop on the right side. Tighten up.

Repeat, but this time in the opposite direction: Start with the left thread above, and the right thread below and through the loop on the left side.

Remember that if you only tie on one side, the macramé will be twisted - this also gives a nice effect.

Repeat this as many times as you wish. We did it 4 times on each side.

STEP 4: Gather the threads that are closest to each other, 2 and 2.

STEP 5: Tie a knot on each of the pairs at the same length. In the example, the first knots are approx. 25 cm down from the top.

Then divide the cords again and tie knots at the same length - in the example it is approx. 7 cm from the knots above. The cord on the right and left side must be tied together in the same way.

Repeat the desired number of times, and with the desired space between the knots.

We repeated one more time, so that there were three sets of knots in total.

STEP 6: Now all the cords must be gathered, because this step forms the bottom of the pot holder. Attach the macramé to the clipboard, with the bottom knots on top.

STEP 7: Find the outermost cord on each edge and repeat Step 3 the desired number of times.

Cut the loose strings to the desired length and voila! You have made your own macramé pot holder.

Now you just need a suitable vase or pot and a flower or plant, and the patio or window is complete.

Ampel - or plant hanger - can be made in many different ways. Both advanced with slightly more demanding knotting techniques or simply with double knots.

Check out the video below for a slightly different version!

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