Paper rosettes

Jul 03, 2014Linn Ellevseth

Make a nice paper rosette for the summer party!

This recipe is based on A4 sheets, since this is the size most people have at home. The paper should be between 80 and 120gr, so it is easier to cut when it is folded. In the paper department, we have paper in a larger format, so you can use the entire length of the paper and don't have to join two parts together. The format will then be 20x56cm.


-Paper in the desired color
-Gluedots or double-sided tape
-False legs
- Cutting mat
- Fishing line

STEP 1: Start by cutting two A4 sheets down to 20x28cm. Fold the sheets in half lengthwise.

STEP 2: Unfold again and fold with 2 cm intervals as shown in the picture. Feel free to use a cutting mat to help.

STEP 3: Fold the sheet along the folded edges on the short side, and fold the whole in half along the folded edge you made first.

STEP 4: Cut one end into a point, bow or whatever you want. Then fold the part you have cut over and use it as a template when you cut the other side, so that they are the same.

STEP 5: Then you cut the pattern / holes in the rosette. If you cut on both sides as we have done here, you will get holes in both seam edges.

STEP 6: Then repeat all these steps on the other paper so you have two equal parts. Use the finished piece as a template when cutting the pattern and ends.

STEP 7: Use gluedots, or double-sided tape to attach the parts together into a long strip.

STEP 8: Tie with fishing line in the middle. (Make sure the knot ends up at the back.)

STEP 9: Use gluedots or double-sided tape to glue the remaining pages together so that the result is round.

FINISHED! You have now made a decorative paper rosette! Make them in different colors and sizes and decorate your home for a party!

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