Vido Jewels

Vido Jewels Branch Necklace Silver/Rutil Quartz

Kr 2.200

Designer: Vlad Kladko
Material: Silver 925, Rutile quartz
Dimensions: Pendant: 44x11mm, chain approx. 50cm
Maintenance: For maintenance, see here


Elegant necklace for everyday and parties. Designed and handmade by designer Vlad Kladko in Oslo.

Video Jewels

Vlad Kladko is a jewelery designer and jeweler behind the brand Vido Jewels. He studied a bachelor's degree in Decorative and Applied arts in Kyiv and a master's degree in Traditional Art with a specialization in metal in Norway. His work has been presented at, among others, Milan Jewelery week, fashion week in Kyiv and various exhibitions in Norway. The jewelery brand Vido Jewels was established in 2013 with a workshop in Oslo where he works with high-quality gemstones, silver and gold. All shapes are made in a special jewelry wax that is melted and modeled in the process. The design is spontaneous, but always has an aesthetic balance.